Le Bob

Stopping at the Bob Ski Bar is one of the essential ingredients of a good skiing day! At Le Bob, you will have the opportunity to rest your burning legs, enjoying:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Gluhwein
  • Sun
  • Good looking girls (most of them better skiers than you…)
  • Beer
  • Jaegermeister (the local medication)
  • Shots
  • Good music

…. And a lot more, among friends, to talk about your exploits on the skis
See you at Le Bob, just above Nendaz – the After-ski on the Slopes!


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skibar siviez 4 vallees

La Tétine

The pit-stop on the slopes of the 4 Vallées!

You will have to stop there, coming back from the Tortin black slope, resting your knees after Backside Mont-Fort or recovering from Stairway to Heaven!

Our Ski-bistro La Tétine is best located on the slopes of Siviez, in the sun, the best place to enjoy a Flamenkuchen, an Assiette Valaisanne or our local cakes!

La Tétine is right at the heart of the 4 Vallées, you can stop there before going back to Verbier, Nendaz or Veysonnaz. We’ll make sure the music is good, the beanbags are in the sun … the best break of your powder day (powder or sun not guaranteed, fresh beer guaranteed!)


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